WLT Salon 2008

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We Love Technology Salon, by BASE in Huddersfield once again brought together nice pack of thinkers and makers. Creative misuse of technology, spatial mapping of social networks, worlds first “Satcom”, artificial creativity, “Inverted Pyramind of Stuff” among others were visited through snappy presentations, leaving one quite overwhelmed in inspiration while me and Dan presented a glimpse of our RFID projects in process.

Meeting Yuri Suzuki was particularly interesting due his line of work. Beautiful, funny and playful musical things and his work with oh-boy-are we-fanboys Maywa Denki. Hope to see some collaboration in future with him.

Lisa Roberts from Blink is the lady behind this wonderfull event. Make friends with her, little bio below:

When she isn’t organising We Love Technology and programming the Social Technologies Summit for Futuresonic, Lisa designs socially-inclusive mobile technology initiatives using SMS, MMS and Bluetooth. As the codirector of Blink, since 1999 she has collaborated with Andrew Wilson on a raft of short film initiatives including NESTA-funded, made-for-mobile short film production fund Pocket Shorts which for two years helped new filmmakers explore the impact of mobile technology on the future of film making and distribution. In 2005 Lisa co-developed Bluevend, a unique Bluetooth vending machine designed for the wireless distribution of made-for-mobile phone content which went on to tour Film and Video Umbrella’s Single Shot film commissions across the UK after opening at Tate Britain. Lisa is currently working on Blueloci, a new Bluetooth system which will provide visitors with a deeper understanding of key works at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Lisa Roberts is a founder member of BASE.

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