The first batch of MemPot PCB’s arrived. This was a Eagle learning process and there might still be mistakes in the design. The learning curve for Eagle was a bit steep, with three different editors: library, schematic and board, all interconnected. Good tutorials are available and after a days slow reading while doing paid off and it started to make sense. Lot of the work was finding correct libraries for different components and making some of myself. Due to the fact that many libraries seem to be done by the Eagle users, there are some inconsistencies with naming, package, wire and pad sizes. This, and the various requests from the PCB manufacturer was quite confusing but it seems that they matter mostly when doing delicate multilayer design with very small / sensitive components. Big old-skool DIL design with microcontroller and few resistors and caps is more forgiving. Still, one PCB needs to be soldered to see if it really works.

The Eagle CAD files are here. I hope I can post the final verdict on the success of this design later this week.

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