Beeps workshop outcome


Beeps, waves and bass lines workshop took place in DRU studio in Bates Mill, Huddersfield. Six participants plus me and Dan had intensive three days with making electronic instruments namely the Nandsynth and MemPot controller. Feedback was positive from the participants regardless of some dark moments of debugging the circuits.

For improving the workshop a few remarks: Working with stripboard vs ready-made PCB for first soldering job is bit challenging. Since making PCB’s is an extra expence, pre-cutting the strips and marking the component places will solve this equally. Again, I think I underestimated the time needed for completing work in workshop context. Keeping the workshop schedule on time while solving unavoidable problems is more difficult point of improvement. I feel my time management is still not in balance. All suggestions from the participants are most welcome here.

Workshop material is online and I will publish the revised tutorial sheets as soon as I check the changes.

Thank you again, Rob, Frank, Dave, Rees, Jordan, Robert and Dan!

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