#1 Beeps, waves and basslines -workshop program

(Draft 1, subject to change)

Day 1.

  • introduction to workshop, background
  • creative misuse of cheap logic chips for sound/noise making
  • square wave & modulations from CD4093 NAND gate, schmitt trigger
  • square wave & modulations from 555-timer (aka Atari Punk Console)
  • options for additional modulations, interference and filtering
  • experimenting on breadboard, notes for own instrument

Day 2.

  • planning own instrument based on previous experiments
  • soldering own instrument on stripboard
  • soldering simple amp&speaker unit
  • testing & debugging

Day 3.

  • introduction to MemPot, Potentiometer with memory
  • soldering MemPot PCB kit
  • using MemPot for controlling own instrument
  • the most annoying jamming session ever
  • where next
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