Sorting game

Waste recycling and upcycling game with barcode interaction

At Lounavoima visitor centre, Salo, by Ateljé Sotamaa, Ville Hyvönen, Daniel Blackburn (Startle) and Tuomo Tammenpää, September 2021

Sort! is a multiplayer / team -game for visitor groups in Lounavoima / Lounais-Suomen Jätelhuolto facilities in Korvenmäki, Salo, Finland. The goal of the game is to identify real waste from the table and put them in the correct categories for recycling. The players form three teams, one player from each team takes the designated wireless barcode reader and starts the game. The game screen informs the players to beep items in the Finnish waste-sorting categories. Example: “Find 3x Bio-waste”. The player with the reader beeps QR codes attached on the items on the table while the team members observe the selection. Beeped items are shown on the screen and If they collectively think their set is correct, they push the button and the screen displays the results. The game continues until the fastest team has collected the correct sets from all eleven material categories.

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