Sensor Semaphore

Wireless marine sensor

  • at: Hacklab@Sea, Camp M.A.R.I.N 2011
  • by: Tuomo Tammenpää
  • for: M.A.R.I.N -project
  • in: June, 2011

Sensor Semaphore is a prototype of a DIY wireless marine sensor and flag-semaphore for visualizing the environmental data of the Baltic Sea. The sensor part of the prototype is a solar-powered, floating sea buoy, transmitting air and water temperature sensor values wirelessly to a receiver on nearby coast. The receiver is connected to a small scale model of a flag-semaphore, which signals the changes in data with the positions of the flags. The project was completed during “Sensing the Baltic sea” maritime art & science -residency in Finnish archipelago in “HackLab @sea” sessions as part of M.A.R.I.N. project in summer of 2011. Part of the methodology of the residency was to operate on off-the-grid environment in camps on small islands, engaging in discussions with a group of artists in residence around the topic of marine ecology and creative practices and doing the prototyping on-location.

感測傳達旗號是一件自製無線海洋感測器與旗語的雛形裝置,偵測波羅的海的環境數據,並將數據資訊視覺化。關於無線海洋感應器的部分是由太陽能板、海中浮筒、偵測空氣與海水溫度數值的感應器與傳遞資訊的無線控制板。陸地上的接受器連接一組小型的旗語裝置,接收來自感應器的數據,隨著海上資料數據的變化,陸地上的機械裝置就會呈現不同的旗語。 感測傳達旗號計畫完成於2001年夏天,隸屬於M.A.R.I.N計畫中的一部分,以“感測波羅的海“(Sensing the Baltic sea)_海洋的藝術與科學為題,駐村於芬蘭群島的“海洋駭客實驗室“(HackLab@Sea)。駐村的方法學之一以藝術家們當時居住小島消失的環境為題,鼓勵駐村的藝術家們,討論島嶼周圍海洋生態,創意實作與現地製作的雛形裝置。

  • TAxT Taoyuan Art & Technologoy Festival 2017