Energy blocks

Physical interaction math-game

  • At: Finnish Pavilion, Astana World Expo 2017
  • By: Tuomo Tammenpää & Daniel Blackburn
  • For: Ateljé Sotamaa / Finpro
  • In: Summer 2017


Energy game is an educational, physical interaction math-game commissioned to Finnish Pavilion in Astana WorldExpo2017 by Ateljé Sotamaa & Finpro. The game is played on custom table with tens of wooden blocks in different colours and values, and an embedded computer screen. Hidden, below the table surface, there is RFID reader that detects the tags hidden inside each playing block, enabling the computer running the system, to identify each block placed on marked play area. The player is asked to match the energy need of a city and by adding the values from the blocks in three different energy categories, solar, wind and hydro power (the colours of the blocks) she can try to deliver. If player adds up the tally with correct value in all categories in time, the game proceeds to the next level. The time speeds up, quickly becoming impossible to match the short play-time requirement for hundreds of visitors per day.

Photo: Ville Hyvönen
Photo: Ville Hyvönen

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